Latest Tech News - Apple Launching MacBook Pro

 Apple Launching MacBook Pro

Three nanometer chips from Apple are coming yes. it is confirmed that they're  going into mass production as you see in this article right here. The only question is which product is going to get the three nanometer chips first now the whole situation is a little bit confusing but as I add more and more  puzzle pieces together it's starting to become very clear and I am getting  extremely excited so let's dig right into this as. you can see we just got a  report from digital time saying that tsmc is holding a celebration at the Fab 18 Factory on December 29th to Mark the start of commercial production of chips using three nanometer process technology yes they are starting before the new year and that only means that we're going to be getting some products from Apple and the reason I know this is because intel was originally supposed to be using tsmc's three nanometer chip dies for their meteor Lake GPU type aisle and that was way back on the 23rd of November 2021 but look at this in August They delayed their order causing tsmc to slow down three nanometer chip expansion but of course due to today's report yes they are kicking into full gear this week which is great news but then even worse Intel ended up canceling the three nanometer chip nodes for their GPU and meteor Lake and delaying it until the Aero Lake CPUs so this delay is going to be even longer than we thought because that's only going to be launching in 2024 so of course these three nanometer chips that tsmc is building right now are not going to Intel at all so the main question is which products or which Apple products are likely to be the ones that are going to come with these three nanometer chips well we recently got a report from Mark German the best apple leaker out there saying that the all-new Mac Pro is still in testing but the M2 extreme chip is likely canceled which is of course really really bad news but what this hints at is that the Mac Pro is getting delayed even further maybe even as late as summer or even later because I had an interview with Mark German on this channel and that's exactly what he said he said we might see it all the way as late as the summer now on top of that a lot of people are going to say that the new Apple VR headset is going to be coming out early next year with three nanometer chips which I agree they are going to have  three nanometer chips but we did get a report from Ninjago also a really  reliable leaker early this month saying that the shipments are potentially getting delayed until the second half of 2023 which means a January event revealing the VR headset is likely not going to happen and he even said this in a tweet saying that the time frame between the media event in January and then shipping all the way in late 2023 is too long because people forget about the product and it basically slows down the hype so it's not going to be the VR headset either and that only leaves one thing yes the report that we just got hints at these chips actually going towards the M2 Pro and Max chips which are going into the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros and I know there's a lot of confusion about this because due to recent reports a lot of people thought it would be five nanometer maybe just maybe four nanometer but look at this they're hinting at three nanometer M2 Pro and Max chips and those leaks and rumors actually started way back then over half a year ago in June of 2022 we had reports that tsmc was starting mass production of new three nanometer M2 Pro chips later this year and that was from Jeff poo but not only that we got another one from taiwan's commercial times once again saying three nanometer M2 Pro chip for the MacBook Pro entering production later this year which those three nanometer chips just entered production or they are this week so what if we were right all along through all these crazy leaks and rumors and delays and everything going on recession what if Apple actually is giving us three nanometer M2 Pro and Max chips well that's exactly what we are going to get into right now showing off the rest of the evidence check this out recently December 18th Mark German said that ne Macbook Pro Models are going to be launching an early 2023 which only points at Apple's annual March event which they almost always have one in March and there's almost always Max at that event and I think that's the exact event that the new Macbook Pro is going to be coming and then we also had this report of two unreleased Macs spotted in esteems data based December 10th and one of those is a Mac with the M2 Max chip. which was already leaked which I'm going to show you in a second and then an undisclosed chip. which I believe of course is the M2 Pro and because we're getting these leaks at this time it shows is that these products are shipping very soon and now let's get into the benchmarks because we got some awesome leaked M2 Max benchmarks and they're actually really really good check this out 2027 single core which means we're finally over 2 000 this is gonna be a really good Improvement and 14 888 for the multi-core which is decent it's not that great it's not what I expected but it's still a decent Improvement but the shocking thing in these benchmarks is that the clock speed of the M2 Max chip was 3.68 gigahertz and that is a lot because right now the M2 Chip is only around 3.5 3.49 and this is a jump above and it's interesting because the entire M1 family was stuck at the same 3.2 gigahertz but this time around it looks like the M2 is going to be different from the M2 Max and that actually hints at the technology being different as well and the thing that interested me the most is that the brand new a16 bionic chip built on the four nanometer chip process from tsmc which some thought would be coming to the M2 Pro and Max chips it only runs at 3.46 gigahertz essentially pretty close to 3.5 but these new benchmarks are showing 3.68 which is a further Improvement hinting at potential three nanometer chip technology now the last thing I want to mention and get into is a very interesting report that we've recently had about the iPhone 14 pro and its a16 chip if you watched my recent post that I made about it you'll see that the GPU has barely changed it's essentially unchanged in real world benchmarks and tests and that's because they were planning for a Next Generation GPU that's totally redesigned and much faster but they ended up scrapping it and going back to the old design which is why we have barely any change at at all so my thought is what if this brand new GPU design got delayed but it's still going to show up and the M2 Pro and M2 Max and hopefully also on three nanometers so I'm so happy that we just got the support because it confirms that tsmc is pumping out these chips and they're pumping it out for a very specific important product and as Apple's other products are getting delayed it only makes sense that they're going to come into these new 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro so if you completely disagree with me let me know in the comment section below or stay connected.


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